Oath Keeper Facebook page hijacked; posting nothing but women in Yoga Pants

Washington, DC (TFC) – The national Oath Keepers Facebook page has been hijacked by someone with a yoga pants fetish. For an hour and a half, the page associated with the veterans’ group has been posting nothing but links to galleries of women in yoga pants. The page currently has around 300,000 subscribers.

The Oath Keeper hijack.

The Oath Keeper hijack.

The page’s fans are taking it in stride and attempting to convince the hijacker to post better content or at least more variety. If this was an attempt to upset the fans of the Oath Keepers, it has failed miserably. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many veterans that will be offended or even dislike a day filled with nothing but attractive women in tight pants. Although, at least one fan did comment on the nature of the hijacker:

“Its really sad that some freedom hating statist has so much free time on his hands that he can troll a page all day. I’d bet millions that this keyboard warrior probably lives off the government, hasn’t done anything for is country or community, and hasn’t worked a honest day in his life. If some of you are thinking about leaving the page, just go. If you’re this easily offended then you probably don’t belong here anyway.

Well then...

Well then…

During writing, the hijackers have taken the advice of fans and have spiced up the content by also posting links to galleries of Angelina Jolie and a gallery of “mombods.” The hijacking took place around 2:30PM EST and a new gallery has been posted every ten to fifteen minutes.

The real administrators of the page have been notified and it is expected that the page will be recovered soon. Until then, fans are advised to remember a comment from one fan: “And this ladies and gentlemen is why we are willing to fight for America.”

There has been no commentary to suggest the hijacking was politically motivated. The Oath Keepers have become a target recently as some people have begun to question the motives of some of their membership. Those questions are the subject of an upcoming article on The Fifth Column.

UPDATE: As of this morning (5/22) the page has still not been recovered. The Oath Keepers have established a new Facebook page here



2 comments for “Oath Keeper Facebook page hijacked; posting nothing but women in Yoga Pants

  1. GB
    May 21, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Seems to me that the hackers are posting comment from primarily one or two websites.

    Those websites are collecting IP addresses, and potentially other data, from visitors who have clicked through.

  2. Warhippe
    May 21, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    Its kind of funny about the comment saying that someone was a “freedom hating statist”. So is the person who posted the comment a freedom loving anti-statist? Yet when 1; it was on a site helping, promoting, and filled with members who fought for that state and statist idea, 2; the commenter assumes that the hacker “did nothing for his country”….But if you are doing something for your country one would assume that you believe in this idea of statism.

    But I digress, most of my experience of why people went into the service where not very thought out, “To protect people who hate our freedom”, “Chicks dig a man in uniform”, or some hyped up idea of patriotism that get’s exploited again and again.

    All it seems the military does anymore is exploit the poor and ignorant for what the most part is lies, they aren’t really a problem, they are just exploited far too much.

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