General Motors wants the FBI to stop you from working on your car

Washington, DC (TFC) – General Motors, the company that took billions from the American people, now says that those people that bought and paid off cars don’t actually own the car because the company’s software is still inside it. Even though the car is paid off, the person that thought they owned the vehicle has actually just licensed it.

Not satisfied with bilking the taxpayers out of somewhere between $9 and $14 billion, GM wants to stop owners from working on their own vehicles. The reasoning is simple. It isn’t about defending the copyright on the software as the lawyer is arguing. It’s to keep consumers stuck using GM’s price gouging service department.

There are hearings currently underway in which GM is asking the Copyright Office to stop granting exemptions to their cars’ computer software.

General Motors is quite literally attempting to use the guns of the government to force you to continue to use their service. Sounds like an exaggeration or rhetoric, right? If a mechanic does alter the software in the car’s onboard computer, he will have violated GM’s copyright. Violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act are enforced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Working on a car without the express written permission of GM could end in federal charges.

The Electronic Fight for the Future opposes GM’s move because it would prevent independent analysis of safety components within the car’s system. Given the fact that the Department of Justice just found criminal wrongdoing on the part of General Motors in relation to deaths caused by faulty equipment, there’s not much doubt that GM sees the ability to block independent review of their equipment as a bonus.

It’s probably past time to stop buying this company’s products, at the very least you could voice your concerns on the company’s Facebook page.

"Chompchomp GMC" by Carlos D. Rivera -

“Chompchomp GMC” by Carlos D. Rivera –

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