US Taxpayers Pay For Israel’s New Warplanes

Image Credit: US Air Force

Image Credit: US Air Force

Tel Aviv, Israel (TFC) – The Israeli Air Force will get its hands on more of the US military’s F35 fighters. This is the program that is costing the US Taxpayers around $1.5 trillion.  Baseline forecast per plane for the US military is $135 million. The Israelis are buying them for $110 million each. What’s a few hundred million dollars between friends?

The cost of the planes was buried inside a larger $3 billion dollar deal that covers training and customization of the aircraft. The contract brings the total of F35s for Israel to 33 with an option for 17 more. Assuming all fifty are ordered, the Israelis are apparently paying $1.25 billion less than the US military will pay for its own aircraft. The US taxpayers paid for all of the research for the aircraft.

The plane itself is a $1.5 trillion dollar disaster. According to Rand Corp, the aircraft

 “Can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run.”

Supporters of the program (almost all of whom receive some financial benefit from the US wasting taxdollars on it) state that the plane doesn’t have to do any of that because of its radar evading capability. Of course, before the US military ever had the plane properly fielded, defense contractors started working out deals to give the plane to our allies. Since then, the plane has been cloned by the only two powers that would stand a chance in a large scale conventional conflict: Russia and China. They both have their own version of the plane. The design was stolen in 2007, but the US military continued to dump billions into a compromised design.

F-35 copies and clones. Image credits: 天剣2 (Top Left), Rulexip (Top Right), DOD (Bottom Right)

F-35 copies and clones. Image credits: 天剣2 (Top Left), Rulexip (Top Right), DOD (Bottom Right)

That special ability to evade radar has also been destroyed by China’s new system that can pick the plane up hundreds of miles away.

Maybe the $25 million dollar discount is because the aircraft is worthless.

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