Israel Dangerously Close to Genocide in Palestine

IDF operating near the Gaza border. Photo: IDF

IDF operating near the Gaza border. Photo: IDF

February 8, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel – Israel is coming dangerously close to genocide, and they are doing it in the face of the international community. People continue to support them unquestioningly because they are Israel. To prove this is something close to genocide instead of a massacre, I put all 5 characteristics of a genocide from the United Nations and show evidence that I have for such.

For reference, the 5 characteristics of genocide come from Article II of the UN Treaty Series, No. 1021: CONVENTION 1 ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE.

A: Killing Members of the Group

It’s obvious that people in the Palestinian ethnic group are being killed systematically by airstrikes and clear cut murder. According to Amnesty International, 1,523-1,563 citizens of Gaza were killed (519-538 children from those 1,523-1,563 citizens) in the recent “offensive” against Gaza. In other “offensives” in Gaza from 2009 forwards, they have killed 105 civilians, and 255 civilians in Gaza. Obviously, there has been 3 wars already but not 1 attempt by the Israeli government to deal with the problem. Why is that? Because they are dealing with their “problem”, the Palestinians…

It is obvious that Israel is attacking civilian targets intentionally, to the point where Amnesty International said word for word in their report about Israeli Attack on Inhabited Homes, “In the eight cases documented by Amnesty International in this report Israeli aircraft dropped aerial bombs on or launched missiles at homes they knew or should have known had civilians inside. The attacks resulted in the deaths of at least 111 individuals, including at least 104 civilians, and injured many others. Some 34 apartments and neighboring houses, home to more than 150 people, were destroyed or badly damaged in these attacks” (Report here). The reality of this is that they are intentionally attacking civilian buildings, and they know that there are civilians in them. They refuse to find another solution (Which in a military of 400,000 men and armaments support from the United States, this should not be hard).

B: Causing Serious Bodily or Mental Harm to Members of the Group

Israel is being recorded on a daily basis causing serious mental and bodily harm to the Palestinians. Even the United Nations (And their division that creates this task force, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs or OCHA) realizes that they are doing this, setting their own task force for the Occupied Palestinian Territories. How they are causing mental harm to Palestinians,

According to the Gaza Emergency Situation Report on August 3rd, 2014, they said, “A minimum of 373,000 children require direct and specialized psycho-social support based on the number of families who have experienced death, injury or loss of home since the beginning of the emergency.” (Report here). To cause this in such a small amount of time to a single group in that area, this can be described as a concentrated effort to cause mental harm to people of the Palestinian Ethnic group.

How they are causing bodily harm to Palestinians,

According to the Gaza Emergency Situation Report on August 3rd, 2014, they said concerning the security given to health facilities, “Lack of adequate protection of health facilities and personnel is impeding emergency assistance to sick and injured.” (Report here). The question is why are they not protected or at least not attacked by the Israeli Defense Force. Because they helping members of the group recover and recuperate. And that is exactly what Israel does not want.

According to the Humanitarian Bulletin Monthly Report of December 2014, they said about the situation in the West Bank, “1,102 injuries Palestinians in the West Bank was inflicted was as a result of live ammunition” (Report here). Using live ammunition against one person because there is an issue present is one thing, but using it against 1,102 people or 18.8 percent of all injuries that Israeli soldiers exert on Palestinians is another thing. It can be inferred this is intentional.

In fact, in terms of injuries in the recent “offensive” alone, 10,895 Gazans were injured (3306 of those children and 2,214 women) (Statistics here). It doesn’t stop there. As well as that, during the recent “offensive”, they bombed and destroyed a power station, that cut off power to the Gazan Hospital which destroyed medical abilities for Gaza. And there is a concern that Hamas caused this, but in reality, Israel can stop this at any time.

C: Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

In this “offensive”, the UN OCHA has reported 1.5 Million people people are not in shelters or they are restricted in their water usage right after the offensive (Report here) and as of January of 2015, 1.3 Million are Food insecure & vulnerable to food insecurity which puts upon a starvation condition on Gaza by Israel (Overview here). Nothing has changed, and Israel at any time can change this. They won’t.

According to the Gaza Emergency Situation report as of August 3rd, 2014, “Up to 25 per cent of Gaza’s population may now be forcibly displaced, of whom 270,000 are hosted in UNRWA shelters alone” (Report here). The displacement of such a population can only be described as something intentionally done in order to see that Palestinians die off.

According to the Humanitarian Bulletin Monthly Report of December 2014, they said about general injuries in the West Bank, “5,836 injuries of Palestinian people in the West Bank from Israeli forces” (Report here). Many pro-Israeli Government activists would conclude that those Palestinians had done something bad in order to get injured by Israeli Forces. But as we can see from the previous quote about how they are using live ammunition in 18.8% of the cases, they are intentionally using dangerous weapons to attack the group and bring upon such conditions. Think of it this way… If police in a democratic country used live ammunition for injuring 18.8 percent of protesters (Unless the protesters were killing policemen on the streets, which is rarely the case for Israeli troops), there would be a civil war on the federal government’s hands.

According to the Humanitarian Bulletin Monthly Report of December 2014, they said about displacement, “During the past year, 1,215 Palestinians were displaced from their homes in East Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank following house demolitions by the Israeli authorities for lack of a building permit.” (Qtd from Report here). Remember that this is not displacements due to the fact that they are attacking Israeli settlers (Which that practice itself is against the Geneva Convention) or that they are attacking Israeli troops, but because they lack building permits that are difficult to obtain (More information concerning this later). This is forced displacement of a single ethnic group, the Palestinians, and that brings upon conditions for the Palestinians to be killed.

Consider this UN Press release. In a summary of this press release, it states that how the Israelis are planning their building projects and how much land they are giving to the Palestinians in Area C and East Jerusalem is “discriminatory” against Palestinians, “making it extremely difficult for them to obtain building permits. As a result, many Palestinians build without permits to meet their housing needs and risk having their structures demolished.” To show through this article that the reality is that they are trying to destroy this group, their title is the best place to look, “United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator calls for an immediate halt to demolitions and forced displacement in the West Bank.” (All things in quotes in this paragraph are quoted from the press release here).

According to the Bethlehem Governance and Humanitarian Concerns of OCHA in the UN, “Less than 1% of Area C in Bethlehem has an outline plan approved by the Israeli authorities allowing Palestinians to build legally.” (Qtd from report here). Making building permits and plans so hard and difficult to approve is not just a coincidence. This is an intentional reality.

D: Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

There is ample evidence that there is raping and mutilation occurring in Palestine…

David Sheen wrote on this, saying “The display included language suggesting the rape of Palestinian women. The text of the banner read: “Israeli soldiers, the residents of Or Yehuda are with you! Pound ‘their mother and come back home safely to your mother.” (Qtd in article here). He goes on to say how that can be interpreted as them raping Palestinian women. The reality of this language used in such a public place without strong criticism would be the reality that society accepts this behavior, and that is a strong evidence that raping Palestinian women for Israeli’s is acceptable in society.

Another article, however, says that Israeli Soldiers do not rape Palestinian women because they dehumanize them (Suggesting genital mutilation is occurring in Palestine), “The newspaper Makor Rishon writes about a recent study by researcher Tal Nitzan and published by the Hebrew University’s Shein Center for Social Studies. According to the study, the reason Israeli soldiers refrain from raping Palestinian women in the occupied territories is not because the soldiers are more humane. In fact the opposite is true–Nitzan claims Israeli soldiers don’t rape because they have been taught to dehumanize Palestinian women. Nitzan also maintains that soldiers don’t want the Arab population to increase through pregnancies as a result; according to Nitzan that would be considered an ason leumi–a national tragedy.

The Israeli Sociology Association awarded the report a “mark of excellence.” (Qtd from article here). If this is not true, the question that must be asked is, what is really going on? There is obvious culture signs that they support rape, but Israeli’s feel too “ethnically prideful” for them to rape Palestinian women? This can be inferred as they do both. They both rape and they mutilate women’s reproductive parts to prevent what they call this “ason leumi”.

E: Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

To be fair, I have not heard of a case of this occurring in Palestine.

How to Combat This Issue:

To combat this looming crisis, be respectful and inform others either through this article or through your word to others. Remember, talking to someone personally will get you the farthest with someone’s opinion because most people will not instantly dismiss you. Do not attack Jewish people (Like it is reported in this article) and do not believe that there is no hope. Israel is a state that with enough pressure, the US will withdraw their undying support and force Israel to deal with this problem, before it is no longer a problem but a military intervention. If someone says to you that it is Hamas’s fault, just ask them, “Why has Israel gone to war with Hamas 3 times yet not once change the leadership after Israel took the nation?”.

If you have any new information, you should post a comment with that information (Only credible sources and primary sources that are under a semi-credible name will be considered for adding into this report).

For more information on this escalating issue, go to

Also, look at how the Human Rights Watch has concluded that Israel has committed war crimes in their recent “offensive” here.

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