Five news outlets you should be following

February 13, 2015

New York City, NY – Fox lies. Brian Williams lies. Most news organizations have become nothing more than corporate and government sponsored public relations machines. Which outlets should you follow?

Anti-Media: Arguably the most prolific independent news site on the web. Articles are easily digestible. The social media networks typically have very lively and informative debate. Close relationships with Cop Block provide great coverage of the US police state.

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Common Dreams: Possibly the oldest alternative news site on the web. It started back in 1997. The outlet is very upfront about its left-leaning tendencies, which allows the reader to adjust. The outlet maintains a unique “progressive newswire” that is featured prominently on the site.

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Fifth Column: New outlet designed to bridge the gap between independent and mainstream media with a heavy focus on investigative journalism. Employs staff from most of the other outlets on this list.

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Mint Press: The outlet just celebrated their second anniversary. The focus of mint press is definitely geared towards civil liberties violations and attacking the corporate masters of the political elites. Relentless in the pursuit of helping the reader connect the dots inside of the story.

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Pontiac Tribune: The Tribune stands out for not only covering mainstream stories from a different point-of-view, but for being willing to delve into topics many outlets shy away from. A close affiliation with Storm Clouds Gathering helps to constantly provide unique content.

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Disclosure notice: The author’s work has appeared on more than half of the above sites.


Photo: "World Press Freedom" by DearEdward

Photo: “World Press Freedom” by DearEdward

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